Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to look at this page and get to know a little more about me.

When I was little my mum was told that I would grow up to be an artist by a nursery worker who had been watching me draw away all day. Whilst that sounds like a lovely story of my journey into a career in art, that is far from what ended up happening. I went on to obtain my Masters degree in Civil Engineering instead.

There's this dialogue that often takes place whenever someone demonstrates passion in any creative field, along the lines of "well that's great, but... best keep that as a hobby. Only a real job will pay the bills." And so, I never even considered art a career choice until I utilised my 4 years of engineering training during a 2 month placement.


It was at this point I realised I did not care for living my life for the weekends; I wanted to have passion for my work. 

So I abandoned the safe and stable start to a career in engineering, and have been living my dream of being an artist ever since (and I've loved every minute of it).